Mansur or Mango?

As if he didn’t have us with the bucket bag, Mansur Gavriel has done it again with the fall must-have: The unstructured coat. Our favorite versions come in soft pastels that deliver an unexpected pop of color against autumn’s landscape. (You won’t want to bother with a filter on your Insta with these). Gavriel’s coats range from $995-$1500 but we found lovely look-a-likes at Mango, ASOS, and Zara. If we had to put our money on the best loosely inspired take, it would be Mango’s Mohair Blend (above right), the lines are equally soft and slouchy. The most noticeable difference is that the Mango coat is mohair so it has a bit more texture. Above from left: Mansur Gavriel’s new coat collection; Mango Mohair Blend Coat, $199

Mansur Gavriel’s Wool Oversized Coat, $1095; Mango’s Wool Handmade Coat, $230

Mango’s Unstructured Mohair Blend, $120; Mansur Gavriel’s Cashmere Classic Coat, $995

Mansur Gavriel’s Wool Oversized Coat, $1095; Asos Swing Coat in Wool Mix, $99

Regardless of what you choose, make a date to check out either his stores in Soho and Madison Avenue when you are in NYC. The sleek art direction and juxtaposition of color make the spaces feel more like warm and inviting art installations than stores.

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