How It Dogs Eat


Do you know how much your dog needs to eat every day? We can guess, but it’s an inexact science. That’s why we are so happy to have found Ollie, a health-conscious dog food service that creates customized portions based on your dog’s breed, activity level, size, and age. We asked Cristina Tudino, Director of Content, to share her tips on how to make your dog feel as good as they look.

Q: I signed up my dog Asta, an 11-pound “Bowl of Noodles” (aka poodle mix) for Ollie’s food service and was amazed to learn she only needs 319 calories a day! Can you talk about how you guys figured out the healthy equation for eating? It seems so mysterious and yet so important?

A: The amount of food you’re supposed to feed your dog is totally mystifying to most pet parents! I used to give my chocolate lab Gus a generic scoop and had no idea how much I should really be feeding him. But portion control is super important to your dog’s health. Getting the amount right will help with weight management (pet obesity is a huge problem!) and with preventing issues like diabetes down the road. Ollie developed a proprietary algorithm that allows us to take your dog’s breed, age, weight, body composition and activity level into account to calculate the exact number of calories they should be eating. 

Q:  You guys are all about healthy, happy dogs.  What’s the ratio of playing-sleeping-walking that is optimal for dogs?

A: Every dog really is different in terms of how much playing/sleeping/walking they need, you should take their age, breed and any health conditions into account. For example, you can have a 3-year old Vizsla who loves to run and needs at least 60 minutes of rigorous exercise a day or a 9-year-old Bulldog with hip dysplasia who goes on 3 short walks a day. Regardless, every dog needs daily exercise! 

Q: Somewhere I heard a pet only needs 15 minutes of snuggling a day. This seemed incredibly short to me. How much do they really need?

A: As someone who is a big fan of snuggling, that feels short to me too! But I recently worked on a story for our blog about how not all dogs necessarily like physical affection – specifically, hugging can actually cause dogs stress and anxiety. So you really have to ‘feel them out’ – if they’re averting their eyes, licking their lips or yawning, those are all signs that they do not want PDA! But if your dog does love affection, I don’t think there should be any limit to it. 
Q: What are your favorite dog celebrities and their IG handles?

A: I follow way too many dogs now! A few of my faves are…

Aspen (@aspenthemountainpup) also shown above. Kodi Bear (@kodiak_thebeardog) and Brussels Sprout (@brussels.sprout) also shown above.

Oh! Some of Hintd’s favorites are:

Menswear Dog (@mensweardog) also show above, and Mattie (@mattieusa)!

Q:  What do you think are the best lessons people can learn from our four-legged friends?

A: You never know what edible treasures you can discover on the sidewalk ha! In all seriousness, dogs teach us what unconditional love really looks like. And to always wake up with unbridled enthusiasm for the day, no matter what happened yesterday!


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