A Stylist’s Guide to What to Wear Now

We love early September’s back-to-school vibe, but it’s too hot for all those cozy fall clothes. So the big question, in these still summery weeks, is: What has a fall trend look that also feels lightweight? In honor of Fashion Week, we decided to turn to an expert and asked an NYC stylist, Laura Dresser (with a very apt last name), what she’s shopping for now. What we love about her selects is that they feel like serious fall clothes and are also easy to wear. Here are a few of our favorites from her extremely shoppable list.

The Dress:  The Alexandra Dress, by Realisation Par, $195, is described as your get- out-of-jail-free-card when you can’t figure out what to wear, but you want to look like you knew all along. It’s lightweight with a hint of ruffle. Throw it on and you’ll know what we mean.

The Blouse: We all need a hero blouse. Dresser points to The Poplin Shirt with frills, by Maje, $275, We love that it’s has a coy high-collar and that it’s white, which means you don’t care about breaking fashion rules.

The JacketThe Vader All-Season Moto, by The Arrivals, $645, is an investment piece that will pay you back time and time again. Dresser loves the minimal detailing and that it has lots of pockets which let you get away without having to carry a purse. We love that you can get this now. The days are hot but the evenings are getting chillier.

The New Mule: The Day Mule by Everlane, $120, is sure to be the go-to shoe when you want to wear something as comfortable as a ballet slipper that’s also backless and great for these warm days.

Mary Janes: What could be more back-to-school than Mary Janes? Dresser likes The Desnnista, by Far, $405 for the chunky heel and that they can be dressed up or down.

The Bag: “Short-strap purses are having a big comeback right now,” says Dresser. Leave it to Masur Gavriel to make the chicest of the sleekest: Baguette, $695.

The Tee: And because you’re a free woman, proudly wear the Une Femme Libre tee, by Lecole Des Femmes, $69, on its own or layered under blazer or jacket.

Laura, shown wearing her classic denim, offers more transitional selects here. It’s the kind of stuff that makes buckling down and getting back to work feel almost as fun as those early days of summer.

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