What Do Moms Really Want? Time with You!


The results are in and the top mother’s day gift requests are…

48% of moms we surveyed would like to have a nice brunch, with you, of course!

33% Just want time with you… that’s easy and it’s free. What are you waiting for? Call her now and make a date!


35% would like flowers. It’s the thought that counts, so they don’t have to be pricey.

Our go-to national florist is The Bouqs Co and now through Friday, you can double your order for the price of one bouquet with the code MORE4MOM.

A whopping 48% would like a lovely brunch. You can do that! Put off your Sunday morning spin routine just this once. It won’t kill you to take mom out for a nice brunch.

A vacation with you. 31% said she would like a getaway.

She would also like a card, (you can make it or buy it, whichever is your preference). But here’s the easiest one of all: “No complaining!”

Want to splurge? Her preferences in jewelry would be a necklace, bracelet, ring, and earrings, in that order.

Treating her to beauty or spa? good idea! She wants a massage or another beauty treat.

What she doesn’t want? Breakfast in bed!

The big winner: Time together as a family, and it doesn’t matter what we do. Now that’s not that hard, is it? You only have one Mom. Give her what she wants today: You!



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