Read Your Heart Out

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In honor of book week, Hintd published this book list of what to read now. Lucy’s dad would have been proud.  Our founder’s father, Tony Schulte was a lifelong book publisher (at Simon & Schuster and then Random House) who believed everyone should always have a good book going, and that reading was part of our daily lives (Lucy would wake up to the sight of her dad at the dining room table with The New York Times open for a luxurious dive into his favorite newspaper every morning, reading virtually every word). She remembers summers were about reading, counting the books she consumed as a personal contest with herself, to see how many she could get through while they were up at the Vineyard, reading as much as she could every week. “We never went to the beach without a book, we read on planes, trains and even automobiles, it was just part of my childhood, something I want to get back to. But too often I don’t really fall in love with a book and put it down. Then I feel guilty that I don’t want to finish it.” Want to know what to read next? And love it?  We partnered with Refinery29 for the best 29 books to read now. Try one of these! Full List here.

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